What is Self Love?

Be where you are or you will miss your life. 


In considering Self Love and what it means, you may well find yourself wrestling with the idea of selfishness.  Self Love exists outside the box in which most people live.  Self Love has nothing to do with ego and selfishness.  It has to do with who we truly are beyond the body and this identification of who we truly are extends to all life.

Loving the Self that we are means loving that Energy… that Flow of Life that runs through and animates the body and all living things.  Self Love is loving the very Breath of Life that we are.

We cultivate Self Love by directing our focus inward… placing attention on our inner life.  Presence and observation of this inner life informs us of our every experience and allows the cultivation of gratitude and appreciation for all that we are and all that we experience.

Here are some additional thoughts to expand this description…

SELF LOVE is the capacity to be fully present and aware of your entire inner landscape:  thoughts, emotions, body sensations, body energy (chi) and intuitive thoughts.

SELF LOVE is the ability to discern between the habitual thought, feeling and behavioral patterns learned early in life and the Voice of the Heart that is always in the present moment.

SELF LOVE is allowing the Heart to lead and the mind to follow.

SELF LOVE is trusting yourself.

SELF LOVE is letting go of thoughts past and future and living in the NOW… trusting that is enough.

SELF LOVE is knowing you are more than a body and loving that which you are beyond the body.

SELF LOVE knows Unconditional Love from the inside out.