Self Mastery: Know Thyself


Life is not happening to you….10527779_748314195214155_8725023125425333343_n

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Self mastery as I understand it and experience it has to do with one’s ability to live from the inside out. My worldview changes when I truly learn to do this. Outside influences dissolve as the realization that I am both cause and effect of my earthly experiences becomes the reality. No more can I look to others for what is ‘wrong’ in my life. If someone is doing or not doing what I want of them, now it is solely an indication of my own objection to myself. This is the perspective one lives from if one takes on 100% responsibility for all of creation.

When realized, self-mastery is total and complete freedom. In this realization, I can say, “I am the creator. This is who I am, and it brings me great joy to look around me and see all that I have brought forth thru my intention and desire. It is very good.” In this statement lies the knowing that whatever appears in my world is perfect for my ‘remembering’ of who I truly am. If I desire to change something, I do it from the inside out….changing MY thoughts and ultimately my feeling response….in order to experience something different.

As long as the body-mind exists in the world, self-mastery calls for vigilance of every thought and every feeling. My awareness of another….my story of them….my judgment of them….this becomes information about myself ….not them. I eagerly seek such information, for I KNOW this always brings me the opportunity to see something about myself and change it. This is the point for all relationships while in a physical form.

What is your perspective of the world you see? How do you live each day? Do you remind yourself to check ‘where you are’ in your mind during the day?

Become a critical thinker. Learn to ask introspective questions. Become an expert at this. This is how you shift your perspective. Creating questions and applying them to one’s self is the key to self-mastery. KNOW THYSELF.

May you experience insights daily!

Self Discovery


You have to leave the city of your comfort

and go into the wilderness of your intuition.

What you’ll discover will be wonderful.

What you’ll discover is yourself.

Alan Alda


Be 100% committed to your journey whatever that may be.

Commitment to your journey is commitment to your life.

Live it full out by living in the NOW.

Practice being present with the NOW.

Your reward will be LIFE Itself.



Joy Is Who I Am

DECEMBER 18, 2014



Joy is the very air I breathe

it moves in and out of me singing the music of life and love


Joy fills my being

It dances into every cell of this body powered by the I AM…


Joy is my nature

the bubbling point from which I create all that I see


Joyously I sing a song of love


Joyously I embrace each moment as it unfolds before me


Joyously I experience myself in each moment without judgment


It feels really good to say:  I AM JOY!


Being A Friend

DECEMBER 15, 2014

A life-long friend left the planet today.  Her spirit left the physical form to return to its true identity. I write

this with her warmth of heart alive within me.  Dear Rosalie, I love you.


What I love most is to be a friend.  There is just something about being a friend to someone that feels good.

Maybe it’s a sense of purpose… or a sense of having the ability to support someone when they ask it of me.

Then again, maybe my love for being a friend is all about what it brings to me as an inner experience… that

flow of energy that takes place in our exchange.


For me, being a friend is a deep, spiritually selfish act of loving humanity.  It comes down to…. what do I want

for myself?  The response to that question is easy.  I want to be loved, supported, nurtured, acknowledged, and

accepted for who/how I am right now… not for whom or how someone hopes I will be in the future.  I want to

be seen for the valuable, precious package I am right now.


This, of course, is more easily achieved when I am able to see all of this wonder in myself. Then, I am better able

to offer this same perspective to those around me…. to some folks more easily than others, I dare say.  Still, the

translation of how I truly feel about myself is expressed in my ability to be my own best friend.  If I can really

love myself… I mean every part of myself… the dark as well as the light… then, I’m in a much better position to

be a friend to another.