Inward Peace

Little stones that are pelted into the lake of consciousness

should not throw the whole lake into commotion.

Paramhansa Yogananda

Meditating steps to the sun

Do not lose your inward peace for anything whatsoever,

even if your whole world seems upset.

St. Francis de Sales

Think Prosperity

I am the source of all wealth. I am rich with creative ideas. My mind abounds with new, original, inspired thoughts. What I have to offer is unique, and the world desires it. My value is beyond reckoning. What the world needs and desires, I am ready to produce and give. What the world needs and desires, I recognize and fulfill.

The bounty of my mind is without hindrance or limit. Nothing can stand in the way of my inspired creativeness. The overflowing power of God life energy overcomes every obstacle, & pours out into the world, blessing & prospering everyone, & everything through me.

I radiate blessings, I radiate creativity, I radiate prosperity, I radiate loving service. I radiate Joy, Beauty, Peace, Wisdom & Power. Humanity seeks me and rewards me. I am beloved of the world. I am wanted wherever I go. I am appreciated. What I have to offer is greatly desired. What I have to offer brings a rich reward.

Through my vision the world is blessed. Through my clear thinking & steadfast purpose, wonderful new values come into expression. My vision is as the vision of the mighty ones. My faith is as the faith of the undefeatable. My power to accomplish is unlimited.

I, in my uttermost God Source, am all wealth, all power, all productivity. I hereby declare my financial freedom, NOW and henceforth forever!

The Prosperity Prayer. Dr Joe Vitale, a cast member of The Secret movie, shared a prosperity prayer on his blog. The prayer was passed to him by his friend, Will Bowen, who described it as “the greatest consciousness conditioner available to attract prosperity”. In case you have not heard of Will Bowen, he is the author to the best-selling book A Complaint Free World: How to Stop Complaining and Start Enjoying the Life You Always Wanted.

Subsequently, someone pointed out that the prayer was originally written by Rev. Christopher Ian Chenoweth from some years ago. The prayer was a part of his famous “The Process” of Advanced Prosperity. Well, whoever wrote it, the prayer enjoyed a lot of attention from Dr Vitale’s large subscriber base, due to its beautiful words. 

The Power Of Now

From Eckart Tolle’s The Power of Now….

FORGET ABOUT YOUR LIFE SITUATION for a while and pay attention to your life.

Your life situation exists in time.  Your life is now.

Your life situation is mind-stuff.  Your life is real.

Find the “narrow gate that leads to life.”  It is called the Now.  

Narrow your life down to this moment.  

Your life situation may be full of problems — most life situations are —

but find out if you have any problem at this moment. 

 Not tomorrow or in ten minutes, but now.  

Do you have a problem now?

When you are full of problems, there is no room for anything new to enter, no room for a solution.  

So whenever you can, make some room, create some space,

so that you find the life underneath your life situation.


Forgiveness is the willingness to let go of being ‘right.’  It is the willingness to see the other person/situation with the eyes of love rather than judgment.  It is letting go of a superimposed standard of how to behave…..speak…..appear. 


Forgiveness is allowance of all things.  It is the re-training of the mind to see thru eyes of love.  Judgment is the demand to show up a certain way.  It feels harsh/hard.


Forgiveness is the decision to let go of judgment.  It is the decision to let go of beliefs that appear absolutely ‘right and wrong.’  There is no choice with judgment.


Forgiveness is the conscious choice for love.  ” I choose to see you with compassion.”


Superficial forgiveness rests in the belief that someone is right and someone is wrong.  In this, the one who ‘forgives’ appears magnanimous.  “You have done something wrong, but I will be the bigger person and forgive you.”  The forgiver is ‘better than’ the forgiven who is ‘less than.’  Clearly, there is no forgiving going on here.


True forgiveness….radical or quantum forgiveness….is the realization that there is only one who can ‘bestow’ forgiveness and only one who ‘needs’ forgiveness and that one is me.  I am the forgiver and the forgiven. 




As we move out of the illusive paradigm of right and wrong and move into Oneness, we realize that there is nothing to forgive.  No one has done anything to anyone because there is no one ‘here’ but me.  There is only the One, and I AM THAT.  It is all God.  We are all God.  In this place, there is only Love.  This is what we are being asked to do at this time.  We are being asked to Re-member who we are and to live into deep connection with all Life.  We are One. 


Forgive all, for in the end it is YOU you are forgiving.