LENGTH:  25 minutes

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in the present moment?  Have no thoughts of the past or the future?  Join me for a taste of what Mindfulness Meditation is like.  You do not have to be ‘special’ to do it.  You simply need a desire for the experience and a willingness to give it a try.

Spend 25 minutes with me and you will enter the world of the mind… where the activity level can be as high as 65,000+ thoughts per day!  What would it be like to be present with such inner activity?  You will enter your own personal world, experience it and learn how to be present with it… as it is.

To be mindful is to be fully present in the moment.  Join me for a brief excursion into Mindfulness Meditation and come away refreshed.


Length:  45 minutes

Are you experiencing relationship challenges?  Do you wish the other person would be more agreeable, loving, compassionate, acknowledging, respectful?  The ‘how to be’ in relationships can be confusing at times.  Have you noticed?

In this presentation, you will learn about three points necessary for creating uplifting, positive relationships.  You will observe these three points in action during an exercise designed to increase ease and rapport between two people as well as to increase the level of generous support and presence during their interaction.


Anne is a Relationship Coach, a certified Heart IQ Mastery Coach, a Conflict Resolution specialist and owner of Emerge Consulting.  Her primary focus is teaching clients how to bring more ‘juice’ to their lives, live in the present moment through specific practices including Mindfulness Meditation, create fulfilling heart to heart connections, and draw greater joyful experiences to themselves.   

Emerge Consulting is about the experience of personal transformational Emergence.  Using specific tools, Anne guides clients in how to unblock the heart and ignite their potential for fulfilling dreams in practical terms.  Life altering change is experienced in very grounded ways.  Anne supports clients through private sessions, self-mastery classes and heart-centered retreat days. She also offers the Heart IQ Foundation Program as well as supportive meditation classes.

Anne DiDomenico, MA, MMsc

Heart IQ Mastery Coach

Emerge Consulting

The Glass Works Business Center

1101 Wheaton Ave., Suite 100

Millville, NJ 08332