SELF Realization In 2015

What follows is a list of statements that ran thru me as I pondered what I wanted in the new year.  I wanted to feel into the most powerful statements I could and write them out as truths for myself in the now moment.  It is in feeling into these statements that I bring them into full expression physically.

Wishing you all a most wondrous, extravagantly Divine 2015!

I Am Embodied Awareness living thru this physical vehicle.

I live into each moment in full knowing of Mother-Father-God’s Heart.

I Am the Heart of Mother-Father-God in expression.

Today…. in this moment…. I live out my Soul-Heart’s dream in the physical realm.

NOW, I live out of a fully integrated and perfectly functioning multi-dimensional body.

I Am Joy living this Eternal moment.

I embrace Life with unconditional love, joy, peace and deep knowing of Oneness.

I AM Unlimited!   Eternal!   Immortal!   A Master!

I experience amazing, wondrous, heart expanding adventures NOW!

LIFE is happening NOW!

Doors open NOW!

Every relationship in my life reflects the highest in me NOW!

Every relationship in my life supports, uplifts and expands me into even more Light NOW!

The grandest work of my heart is before me.   I embrace it with ever increasing energy, vigor and absolute delight!

Health, wealth, energy, excitement, joy, fun, adventure, exploration, discovery, all encompassing love are all part of my NOW experience thru this physical form.

I Love LOVE!

I Love Loving LOVE!



Science & Self-Mastery

For a long time now, I’ve been drawn to interpret and explain the concepts of self mastery using scientific principles.  Moving from the head to the heart can be quite a challenge.  Science helps me ground the metaphysics of Love…. if you will…. and I’m hoping it will be of help to you as well.

I’m re-visiting a book read years ago…. Rewiring the Corporate Brain by Danah Zohar.  For me, the word corporate refers to any organizational system grounded in a way of thinking…. which of course would include the belief system human beings have taken on in general.  This belief system is the guiding light for ‘how to be’ in the world, yet this ‘guiding light’ is problematic as we experience it as static, controlling and limiting.  I’d like to share some thoughts on control and the distorted concept of power that we hold.

In cybernetic theory, there is a theorem that attempts to bridge the living and machine worlds pointing out the limitations of too much control.  It is known as the Von Foerster’s Theorem and reads as follows:

The more rigidly connected are the elements of a system,

the less influence they will have on the system as a whole.  The

more rigid the connections, the more each element of the system

will exhibit a greater degree of “alienation” from the whole…

Consider this theorem from the body mind perspective.  The “system” can refer to the entire body-mind.  The “elements of a system” could refer to our thoughts and feelings.  For “the more rigid the connections,” think hard-wired beliefs.  “Alienation from the whole” could refer to the disconnect between head and heart due to rigid beliefs.

The more rigidly we hold to beliefs about ourselves… about others… our relationships… what’s possible at any moment… financial situations…. allowing for no deviation or options, the more ‘stuck’ or trapped we feel.  Your body-mind system is trapped in a vicious no-win cycle of hopelessness.

The need to control others and situations is steeped in the deep fear of the unknown.  This fear is born out of a belief that what we are is a physical body.  We may try to convince ourselves otherwise, but bottom line…. we really believe we have a beginning and an end.  When the body dies, so do we.  Death lets us know our limitation, and we believe unequivocally that we are powerless in its face.

We do not trust.  We fear.  We can conjure up all sorts of things we fear and our life in some way reflects those fears back to us.

Fear alienates us from the Whole…. that which we truly are.  Self mastery is fearlessness… being willing to live on the edge of one’s self… look into the face of fear… and see opportunity for expansion.

This is what you are ‘working towards’ as you work your way thru these lessons.  This is not some mind-numbing exercise to ‘fix’ something.  This is the most extraordinary work happening on the planet right now!  Even more than medical research and scientific discoveries, the work of self mastery guarantees the highest, most loving results.

Can you let go of what you believe long enough to experience something new?  How do you grow wings if you never attempt to fly?  🙂

Joy Is Who I Am

DECEMBER 18, 2014



Joy is the very air I breathe

it moves in and out of me singing the music of life and love


Joy fills my being

It dances into every cell of this body powered by the I AM…


Joy is my nature

the bubbling point from which I create all that I see


Joyously I sing a song of love


Joyously I embrace each moment as it unfolds before me


Joyously I experience myself in each moment without judgment


It feels really good to say:  I AM JOY!