Being A Friend

DECEMBER 15, 2014

A life-long friend left the planet today.  Her spirit left the physical form to return to its true identity. I write

this with her warmth of heart alive within me.  Dear Rosalie, I love you.


What I love most is to be a friend.  There is just something about being a friend to someone that feels good.

Maybe it’s a sense of purpose… or a sense of having the ability to support someone when they ask it of me.

Then again, maybe my love for being a friend is all about what it brings to me as an inner experience… that

flow of energy that takes place in our exchange.


For me, being a friend is a deep, spiritually selfish act of loving humanity.  It comes down to…. what do I want

for myself?  The response to that question is easy.  I want to be loved, supported, nurtured, acknowledged, and

accepted for who/how I am right now… not for whom or how someone hopes I will be in the future.  I want to

be seen for the valuable, precious package I am right now.


This, of course, is more easily achieved when I am able to see all of this wonder in myself. Then, I am better able

to offer this same perspective to those around me…. to some folks more easily than others, I dare say.  Still, the

translation of how I truly feel about myself is expressed in my ability to be my own best friend.  If I can really

love myself… I mean every part of myself… the dark as well as the light… then, I’m in a much better position to

be a friend to another.